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October 23, 2022 - A Full Day of Renewal 

San Damiano Retreat Center, Danville, CA

$49.00 includes Inspirational Presenters, Activities, Dinner, Beverages & 4 CE's 

$185.00 Retreat + Overnight single room accommodations with breakfast the following day. 

1:30 - 9:00 p.m. - Reserve Your Spot!

We are committed to building a community of hospice and palliative professionals 

that can come together in a safe place where we can decompress and unwind.

Resilience in Mission - Our mission in life encompasses many aspects and demands in the areas of physical, behavioral, psychological, and spiritual. Many individuals believe “mission” is a word only used in the realm of religious works or a vocation; however, what we will see is our professions in healthcare are closely related to our identity, calling, and purpose for our entire lifespan which places us all in a mission field. This interactive discussion will empower all to work and live out of an identity that embraces resilience.

Self Care for Success -  Simple Strategies to Optimize Your Health  Learn why self-care practices are so important to optimize your health and recognize how to manage your stress levels by receiving the right nutrients that your body needs. Better understand how to balance your hormones naturally for weight loss, sleep, and greater energy levels and identify how your thoughts and emotions play a pivotal role in your physical health. This talk also includes, 'How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Brain Health;' Learn how your gut health impacts your overall health. Understand the gut-brain connection and how conditions like anxiety, depression, and memory loss are linked to an unhealthy digestive tract. Implement simple lifestyle habits to improve your gut and brain health. 

Art Therapy -  Encouragement Rocks.   With such auxiliary stress related to working in hospice and palliative care, it is critical to take time to practice relaxing techniques. Participants will paint one to two paintings on rocks or stones using paint and sharpie markers for fine detail. They will write words of encouragement, support, and appreciation on the rock. Participants can select to keep one rock or stone painting for themselves and place the other in a semi-public location where someone will be sure to find it and be uplifted by its message. With a focus on performing stress alleviating skills that promote healthy coping mechanisms, this session will assist clinicians in gaining perspective, personal achievement; expression, relaxation, and empowerment through the use of art therapy. 

Explore the Labyrinth and practice a state of mindfulness, introspection, and tranquility. This session is designed to restore your mind, body, and spirit and decrease your levels of stress. 

DINNER - Meals served buffet style, Chef’s choice. Beverages included.

Dignity in Care - How we relate to each other and provide care to others is influenced greatly by our sense of worth as well as our view of others’ worth. Many of us have been taught that fatigue in care is caused by compassion; however, we will look at other aspects such as empathy and misappropriated grief along with events in our lives that have “intruded” our worldview.

Campfire Reflections - Retooling.  Join us in sharing and getting to know each other over an open campfire. Acknowledging the weight of the tools that we carry within our work each day and exploring retooling that allows us to hang up our work tool belt.

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